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Tribal Spirit_ Amazon Forest

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A journey to the heart of the world

with Putanny Yawanawa and DanzaMedicina

August 15th - 25th, 2018
Acre - Brazil

Join us on another sacred journey of connection, healing and self-knowledge, in the heart of the Brazilian Amazon. A deep experience in the Yawanawá village, for a group of up to 20 friends.

><><>< The Yawanawá ><><><

There are about 1.000 Yawanawá living in the Brazilian state of Acre, in villages along the banks of the Gregório river, where they have made their homes since time immemorial.

The Yawanawá people's first contact with the non-indigenous world happened around the fourteenth century. It was an intense period of much conflict with the rubber barons and missionaries who invaded their lands and tried to forbid Yawanawá language, culture and spirituality. In the 1980s, chief Biraci Nixiwaka Brazil led his people in the fight for the recognition of their native territories, and the Yawanawá became the first indigenous people to obtain the official rights to their lands in the state of Acre.

The Yawanawá have since then reclaimed their sacred medicines, rituals, song and dance, festivals, games, traditional body painting and adornment, artwork and food, in a profound journey of cultural revival.

Aldeia Sagrada is the sacred sanctuary where the ancestors of the Yawanawá people lived. Today, access to Aldeia Sagrada is granted only in times of prayer and diet. As a small group of friends, we will have the opportunity to experience Yawanawá culture in a deeper, more intimate way. We will be guided through our journey by Putanny Yawanawá, the wife of chief Nixiwaka Biraci Brazil.

><><>< Putanny Yawanawá ><><><

Yawanawá spirituality is a sacred territory where never a woman had dared to step, for since ancestral times, it had belonged exclusively to men.

In 2005, two women, Putanny and her sister, Hushahu, made the sacred oath for the first time. They have since been recognized as the first women to undergo Yawanawá spiritual training. After a year of strict diet, they earned their communities' respect as spiritual leaders, and opened the way into this sacred path for many other Yawanawá women. A break in tradition that united the male and female universes - and brought the magic of feminine spirituality to strengthen the Yawanawá culture.

> <> <> Activities <> <> <

Body Painting • Medicinal Herbal Bath • Medicinal Clay Bath • Traditional Storytelling • Traditional Food  • Traditional Songs Workshop • Hike to the Samaúma, the largest tree in the Amazon • Smudging Circle with Sipá, sacred resin of the Yawanawá • Rapé Circles • Kampum (Sapo) Session • Uni (Ayahuasca) Ceremonies • DanzaMedicina with Morena Cardoso

> <> <> Itinerary <> <> <

*August 15th                                                                       

21:15 - GOL Flight  leaves Brasilia to Rio Branco/Cruzeiro do Sul.

Attention: There is only one airline offering this flight to Cruzeiro do Sul, that is GOL Linha Aereas (www.voegol.com.br). After departure from Brasilia there is a 30min stopover in Rio Branco (you don't leave the plane) and arrives in Cruzeiro do Sul at 23:20. Please note there is a time difference between Brasília and Acre, and this is actually a 5 hour journey. (Check your flight details!)

*August 16th

00:00 - Minivan from Cruzeiro do Sul airport to the Hotel.

Resting day in Cruzeiro do Sul

*August 17th

06:00 - Ground transportation from the Hotel in Cruzeiro do Sul to São Vicente, on the banks of the Gregorio River (approximately 3-4 hour drive depending on the conditions of the road).

10:00 - Arrival in São Vicente village. Departure by boat to Aldeia Nova Esperança. The journey up the river takes about 6hours. This may be longer or shorter depending on river level and weather conditions.

17:00 - Arrival at Aldeia Nova Esperança.

*August 17-22th

Retreat in Yawanawa Village

*August 23th

07:00 - Departure of the boats from Aldeia Nova Esperança to São Vicente

15:00 - Approximate arrival time in São Vicente. Ground transportation from São Vicente to Cruzeiro do Sul (time of arrival depends on weather conditions and river level)

19:00 - Approximate arrival time in Cruzeiro do Sul Hotel. Resting night at the hotel.

*August 24th

Resting day in Cruzeiro do Sul

23:00 - Van from Hotel to Cruzeiro do Sul Airport                                                                     

*August 25th                                                                       

GOL - The flight leaves Cruzeiro do Sul at 00:35 AM, with a 30min stopover in Rio Branco (we don't leave the plane), and arrives in Brasilia at 08:30 AM.

 >><><< Cost >><><<

<> R$ 5.600,00 reais per person.

><><>< What is included ><><><

• Participation in all the activities, ceremonies, medicines, etc.
• Contribution to the Yawanawá village
• Hotel accommodation in Cruzeiro do Sul
• Transportation in Cruzeiro do Sul: from the Airport to the Hotel (roundtrip)
• Transportation from Cruzeiro do Sul to São Vicente (round trip)
• All meals during our stay in the village (traditional Yawanawá cuisine)
• 06 nights accommodation in the Yawanawá village (we will stay in traditional indigenous shelters - you must bring your own gear)
• Indigenous guides and assistants

<> <> Not included: <> <>

• International & domestic flights to Brazil and Acre
• Meals during boat trips
• Camping equipment, personal gear


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Pictures by: Camilla Coutinho, Amir Eron, Alice Fortes e Marcos Lopes.