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Social responsability 


Olá Hermanas!


I share here with you a new step in the history of DanzaMedicina – a social initiative and the beginning of a small, but pioneer movement towards activism.  

As a woman, I recognize the difficulties of being a (brazilian) woman. I must admit my privilege as a middle-class white woman who has had financial, emotional and intellectual support that provided me with the basis to become who I am.  

Still, I talk about these issues and draw encouragement from my personal journey, as I also have experienced violence, abuse, distortions, and disrespect because of the limiting chains imposed by the social roles of women in our society.  It was by biting off the chains that imprisoned me that I was able to free myself from the scarcity, vulnerability, abandonment, and psychic deserts that clearly manifested because I was a woman and suffered the depreciative severity of a patriarchal society.  

I started my work in 2000, when I saw poor children who were cancer patients at an oncology center in Brazil. At the time, my tools were Reiki and clownishness. Since then, many years have gone by and my tools have changed.  

Until 2015, I offered most part of my work as a therapist in exchange for voluntary donations that didn’t always take into account the true value of sharing and the energy I put in my work. This kept me from continuing my journey as a solo mum and a dreamer in search for some land to rest and a roof to comfort.  After almost a decade of not having a home, I felt the need to rejoin the system and contribute more effectively! 

This is where my work comes from - from the desire to save myself and other women like me that needed to stand up, powerfully and wholly, working from within, restructuring their psychic skeleton, strengthening their sense of self with integrity and in alignment with their essence - being in the world – after healing the Self, we can move towards healing Us.

One of my first steps in this initiative was a discount of 20% to all lead feminist activists who want to take part in our onsite courses. In addition,  DanzaMedicina Deepening Brazil training for facilitators requires taking part in social projects for the certification of future multipliers! We also launched the social project DanzaMedicina Ubuntu for taking DanzaMedicina into the Favelas, in different parts of Brazil. 

Another initiative was taken:  partnership with Organização Social Íntimo Colorido. In the beginning of 2018, DanzaMedicina made the first donation of 3% of the amount raised from DanzaMedicina Online Course to contribute to the activities carried out by the organization.

And we have more news! Priscila Dias, visionary and founder of Íntimo Colorido, will offer monthly articles to our mailing; regular texts that encourage reflection, awareness, and critical thinking, in addition to drawing attention to the issues of social invisibility, exclusion, poverty, and violence. 

Learn more: www.intimocolorido.com.br

Watch the video below and learn about some of the activities carried out by Projeto Intimo Colorido and supported by DanzaMedicina- "Refugee Women": 

Do you also believe in the feminist activism as a way towards humanization? Would you like to know more or help? We would love to hear from you: contact us on connect@danzamedicina.net

Yes, transformation is collective!

Serving and sharing the merits lovingly, humbly, and gratefully.

Morena Cardoso