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Santa Catarina .:. 03-07 APRIL .:.



DanzaMedicina comes as a Sacred Healing Journey towards the Wild Feminine Essence. A metaphor for the dance of life in the form of movement. It’s the embodiment of timeless, instinctive and intuitive wisdom into this never-ending cyclic spiral of growth and decay, building up and letting go, energy out and energy in; life, death and rebirth.

DanzaMedicina gently takes you by the hands and pares off your layers. It moves together with your emotions, feelings, memories, thoughts, belief systems and patterns; inviting you to dive into the depths of yourself. This is an invitation for you to dance with the different facets of your being; reawakening aspects of your womanhood that had been lost, rejected, neglected, wounded or forgotten throughout your life journey. DanzaMedicina gather fragmented parts of your soul, bringing forth a new sense of wholeness, fulfilment and authenticity and opening a sacred space to honor your sacredness.

Take off your shoes, take off your masks, loosen up your clothes, untie your hair. Face your deepest fears, embrace your shadows and let go of any victimization or justification. Remember the power, the wisdom and the beauty that lay dormant within your womb.

Feel yourself flooded with the fertility of your Body, Mind and Spirit, while creating your own reality, giving birth to your deepest purpose, and welcoming the best version of yourself!

by Ana Fiedler

by Ana Fiedler

Morena Cardoso -   "I’m here to serve, as I believe every woman has the potential to be the master of her own destiny, and to create her own reality based on her soul's deepest dreams and intentions. This is what I work for – to overcome our fears, free ourselves from our masks, and recover our space with authenticity and wisdom.  I work to help women share their gifts, and relearn to dance, pray, create, enjoy themselves, give birth, love, howl, and sing, even after being silenced so many times. I work to help them connect with their power, their life power, their intuition and their inner glow, helping them remember their ancestry as visionaries, healers, and priestesses that they are.   May our Grandmother Moon and Pachamama bless all our relations. Aha Metakiase!" To know more about Morena Cardoso click here

To take part in this meeting, I invite women that I trust, appreciate, and know that, together with DanzaMedicina and I, can enhance the weaving of a complete, profound and unique work! Now, I present to you, with great gratitude and affection, Raissa Scarton and Pedra Rosa!



Urkupimi Pedra Rosa has been working in sensitivity and visualization of the energy field for more than 20 years. She is the leader of Dance of the Sun and a medicine woman in the traditional Sacred Fire of Itzachilatlan in Brazil. She was initiated into the Sangoma Thokosa (shamans) tradition of the Zulu People of South Africa and recognized as Cunhã Karaí (Sister of Healing) by the Mbya M'Biguaçu Village. She was also initiated into Sufism and is the idealizer of the International Consciousness Method. Pedra Rosa will share with us some of her Temazcal medicine.

by Zorba Prem

by Zorba Prem

Raissa Scarton - Raissa will hold a few sessions of body and movement, together with Morena Cardoso. Like an alchemist refining gold, Raissa wanders through existence, gaining knowledge from various ancient hidden sources. That’s where her “Andanza Project” comes from. Raissa pulsates with the Mother Nature and is always reinventing herself throughtout her spontaneous pilgrimage through life. Performer and artist. Lover of authentic movements techniques. Researcher of Butoh dance, a subconscious ritualistic dance and medicine movement. Raissa has bachelor’s degree in psychology and a postgraduate degree in Biopsychology. Yogini, doula, and apprentice of  the ancient female wisdom. Incorporating the inner landscapes, mysteries and secrets of the human nature, Raissa leads an experience of intimate connection with the wild paths of movement, dancing our inner truths and turning them into healing and deliverance.

our sacred danzamedicina temple

Sunny, blue skies, a river, the ocean, hammocks, bungalows, decks with ocean view, and veggie food inspired by local flavors and textures. A scenery that is going to inspire you to silence, share in sisterhood and dive into yourself, Daughter of the Earth!

The place chosen to welcome us is the Mevlana Garden - Inn, SPA and Retreat, located in the city of Imbituba, in the state of Santa Catarina, Brazil. A sacred spot that offers strong, abundant, wild nature (just like ourselves!). Lear more

Our retreat is going to start on 3 April, at 7 p.m. (after a welcome dinner) and end on 7 April at 2 p.m. (check out until 4 P.M.).


07h Yoga of the Four Elements - optional

08h Breakfast

09h DanzaMedicina Practices/ Morning Session

13h Lunch

15h DanzaMedicina Practices/ Afternoon Session

19h  Light Dinner

20h Final Meeting



Opening Ceremony. Group Introduction.  

DAY 02: I AM.

As Daughters of the Earth, women will be initiated into this journey from their base chakra, towards the realisation of the Self and a new sense of individuation, strengthening their roots, getting grounded in the now, and experiencing a new sense of security, confidence, consistency and abundance. Women will have the opportunity to reconnect with the sacred essence of Mother Earth, enhancing their ability to walk on their own feet and manifest their ideas, dreams and projects in this material world. A journey back home that will allow women to reconnect with their inner cycles, underworlds and feminine instinct. An experience that will empowers women’s decision-making to encourage them to blossom and let go of any illusory limitations.


In this experience, women will be guided into contact with their waters, awakening to the creative potential of their sacred womb, navigating throughout their feeling, releasing their repressed emotions, and getting in contact with their patterns of sexuality, pleasure, and relationship. An opportunity to experience a new sense of trust, empathy, transparency, surrender and fluidity- in different aspects of life.

DAY 04: I DO.

A journey of empowerment through the fire element. Women will get in contact with their dormant personal power, enhancing their ability to act in the face of challenges, limitations, and fears. The medicine of fire will bring them strength and courage to walk toward their highest purposes while embodying the powers of the masculine within- in the form of clarity, linearity, discipline, integrity, focus, and self-confidence: essential in the process of self-realization.


Through the air element, women will remember different ways of praying and consciously raise their thoughts and vibration- reawakening their intuitive power and rediscovering their visionary power as women. Here, the air element will here be the vehicle for healing, elevation and reconnection with the divine essence, while women learn the power of co-creating of a new reality through free and ceremonial movement.



Paypal Fees

Five all inclusive nights at Mevlana Garden. Meals includes: Dinner on Wednesday; Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner from Thursday to Saturday; Breakfast and Lunch on Sunday. Tea break between the meals.

All activities of DanzaMedicina & Temazcal

*Enrolment fees do not include transportation costs. Though, we will make sure to offer all the support needed arrange transportation for all participants.

** For more information about children, companions, and/or single rooms availability, please contact connect@danzamedicina.net


For more info contact us: connect@danzamedicina.net

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