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Seed your Moon


Seed your Moon


According to Elinor Gadon: “The word ritual comes from the Sanskrit word RTU, meaning menstruation. The first rituals were related to women’s discharge of blood. It was believed the blood from the uterus, which nurtured unborn children, had Mana, magic power.”

In early matriarchal traditions, women performed rituals to offer their blood to Earth. Today, we have lost our instinctive relationship with Pachamama in many different ways. As a result, we are overwhelmed with feelings of insecurity, stuck in patterns of fear, anxiety, and scarcity.

The Earth, as Gaia, the Great Mother, teaches us the deepest, timeless, and archetypal knowledge about the Divine Feminine.You, as a woman, should know She is only waiting for you, so that you can finally open up to the awakening of the dormant memories and knowledge from your womb. Do not wait any longer, this is the moment to go back home!

"Seed your Moon" is a very simple, but extremely powerful, healing, and deep exercise to every woman.

First, you should choose how to collect your blood. That may be done with the use of menstrual cups or cloth menstrual pads.

Menstrual cups are convenient, comfortable, and effective; still some sensitive women are unable to adapt well as they are made of inorganic material. On the other hand, cloth menstrual pads are made of cotton and are safe, hygienic, and ecological.  

To collect your blood using cloth menstrual pads, you will need to soak them in water for a few hours, without any chemical product. It is the water with blood you are going to offer to Earth (after collecting the blood, you can wash the pad as you wish and use it again).

In both cases, you can offer your blood to Earth in a garden or using a plant vase in your apartment. You can also choose some specific plant that carries some special meaning for you; for example, many women Plant their Moon in Rose bushes, Sage or Artemisia, which are plants that strongly represent the Feminine. You are going to be surprised at how good your blood is to your plants. It is certainly the best biofertilizer ever!

       It’s also interesting to try and bleed straight onto Earth, allowing your blood to run freely while seated in contact with Earth (you can do that by seating on a large vase, in case you don’t have a garden). Words are not enough to explain the power of the connection you establishwith Earth. You would have to try it and feel it yourself to understand what it means!

       You should offer your blood as a ritual to make it a sacred experience and restate your intentions. Remember this blood purifies your body, your emotions, your mind, and your spirit. Remember it takes with it everything you need and wish to cure. Remember, woman, the Earth has the power to change everything, including your life!

       During your moon period, stop a little, withdraw yourself, and enter a state of silence and quietness, internally evaluating the cycle you have just been through. Become aware of any negative behaviors and patterns, limiting beliefs and habits that are no longer any good and everything else that stops you from moving forward in life. Pay close attention to what has surfaced during the last phase of your cycle, the widely known PMS (I prefer calling it Pre-Menstrual Strength), when our deepest shadows surface to allow us to have contact with themand become more aware of ourselves.

       While observing these patterns with affection and compassion, let go of everything you do not want to take with you to the new cycle that is beginning. Leave behind any negative patterns that stop you from being who you really are at your full potential – overcontrolling, lack of self-confidence, difficulty to communicate, fear of expressing yourself, feelings of scarcity, intolerance, inertia... Whatever it is, remember everything around us are only mirrors that reflect our internal reality. Remember the change ALWAYS begins from within. 

Many physical disorders may be avoided and solved through this practice: polycystic ovary, uterine fibroids, irregular menstrual cycle, cramps and menstruation-related discomfort, infertility, pre-menstrual stress, etc. Planting your Moon is definitely the first step to rebalance your physical body without giving up other forms of treatment and care.     

Also, together with your blood, let go of all the negative impressions you still have about being a woman, and, together with them, your memories of abortions, traumas, abuse, violence or any mistreatment against your feminine.

While you offer your blood, receive Mother Earth’s blessing and knowledge! Nurture Earth while nurturing everything you deserve and long for; be thankful and prepare yourself for a life of fullness, empowerment, beauty, and plenitude.

While you offer your blood, feel yourself growing as a woman, enhancing your visionary, intuitive, and instinctive powers; start realizing the new reality that manifests itself every cycle, a new internal space for presence, health, awareness, and connection – for yourself, your life, and your destiny. The cure is near, woman, right below your feet. Honor it, be thankful, and welcome home!

Picture by Camila Albano

By Morena Cardoso . Morena is a camiñante, a writer, herbalist, doula, dancer, body-psychotherapist, mother, and the heroine of her own journey. As a peregrine, she has walked around the globe for over 10 years, searching for sacred lands, for ancestral traditions, healing arts, and ancient wisdom of native communities- The result of this sacred study and self-observation is what Morena now offers to hundreds of women throughout the world, as DanzaMedicina.