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About the Risks and Harm posed by Menstrual Pads


About the Risks and Harm posed by Menstrual Pads


Today, it is very hard to find consistent information about menstrual pads. There has been some research about it, but the big manufacturers of such products suppress most of it, which makes it all a bit confusing to those who want to make a reasonable choice and learn about the quality of the products they use. 

          In this mist, some cases arise, such as that of Lauren Wasser, a North American model who had her leg amputated due to the Toxic Shock Syndrome caused by the use of tampons.

          Lauren is a famous and influential woman in the US who, fortunately, decided to become the voice of many women who have been kept in silence after falling victim to the same problem. 

          The problem has surfaced and now the topic isdiscussed with a little more attention and responsibility, but there are still many barriers that hinder information and awareness.

         Toxic Schock may start with simple symptoms, such as headache, fever, severe fatigue, photosensitivity, and rash, in addition to causing more severe complications, such as anemia, liver injuries, muscle injuries, and death. 

         See below some of the elements you are letting touch your body:

       - Viscose rayon: these synthetic fibers are dangerous. They are the perfect environment for staphylococcal proliferation, which is responsible for the infectious process. 

       - Dioxin: Discoloration agent. It is carcinogenic and toxic to the immune and reproductive systems, as it causes alterations to the uterus mucous membrane, endometrium, and may lead to endometriosis.

       - Asbestos (or amianthus): increases menstrual flow, is highly toxic and many countries forbid its use.

      - Chemical fragrances, pesticides, parabens, furans, among others: carcinogens; may cause reproductive problems, endocrine disruption, rash etc. 

        All that plus the 10 THOUSAND pads every woman discards onto Earth throughout her fertile life. The 3 MILLION pads thrown away every day. And the 100 YEARS they take to decompose.

       ...No more words... It’s time to think anew.

By Morena Cardoso . Morena is a camiñante, a writer, herbalist, doula, dancer, body-psychotherapist, mother, and the heroine of her own journey. As a peregrine, she has walked around the globe for over 10 years, searching for sacred lands, for ancestral traditions, healing arts, and ancient wisdom of native communities- The result of this sacred study and self-observation is what Morena now offers to hundreds of women throughout the world, as DanzaMedicina.