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The Full Moon and the Mysteries of Cyclic Women


The Full Moon and the Mysteries of Cyclic Women


With all the blessings and honors, we welcome the full moon!

In our menstrual cycle the full moon energy represents the arrival of ovulation.

This does not mean that the woman should menstruate at the New Moon and ovulate at the Full Moon. This represents the kind of energy, the type of frequency and vibration experienced on the fertile period in our inner personal cycle:  just like the full moon - bright, radiant and expansive; full of clarity and beauty.

With reference to the seasons, this phase of our menstrual cycle is also connected with the energy of summer. With reference to the cycle of the Sun, is connected to the period of 9:00 am till 3:00pm - when we are more open to communicate/express ourselves, out of our nest toward the light and heat, meeting the abundance that vibrates and blooms inside and outside of us.

This is the time to enjoy our alchemical uterus. To honor and discover the riches of our femininity and fertility; be proud of it, enjoy it! It's time to feel the full power of our creative potential expressed in our body mind and spirit.

This is the time to conceive: ideas, dreams, projects; leaving overflowing our deepest inner purposes. This is the time to observe aspects of our Being that are being illuminated and brought to the surface; realizing in clarity and compassionwhich patterns habits and beliefs that are being amplified in us right now. What kind of fruits are coming up? What is the quality of the seeds you planted since the beginning of your cycle? What awaits you at the harvest period - at Waning Moon? With the power of the Full Moon within us we attract everything that we vibrate internally - consciously or unconsciously.

With our sexuality increasingly flowering our libido increases during this period; expressed in a desire for connection and intimacy with each other. It is a moment in which we become more attentive and careful with our appearance. We feel more interesting, beautiful and self-confident. Our fertile body gives signs of transformation; the hormones make our skin glow and our hair brighter. Our vagina increases in size and becomes more humid, our breasts enhance size. All this energy acts as a natural pheromone that subtly attracts and magnetizes people around us, not just sexually, but in all aspects.

Represented by the element water, we can access more easily during our fertile period qualities as: fluidity, adaptability, delivery, compassion, empathy and transparency; In addition to the increase of our intuitive and potential connection with our emotions.


In this sacred spiral the full moon lie on the North where Andean tradition is connected with the spirit of a power animal- Colibri the Hummingbird! This animal represents our ability to offer the love and kindness unconditionally - in lightness and Union.

In the first phase of the menstrual cycle - while we're bleeding- we gathered in our own universe; in stillness and silence as the new moon.

In the second phase of the menstrual cycle - the Crescent Moon - we find ourselves responsive, receptive, spontaneous, relaxed and happy like a young maiden in a spring garden. Also in the second phase of the menstrual cycle we realize ourselves much more like warriors; in focused attention, objectivity, decision, positioning and assertiveness. 

In this third phase of the menstrual cycle, during the fertile period, we find ourselves less focused on our own interests and egocentric desires and we look at our surrounding with more care and affection: this is a representation of the archetypal Mother.

This Mother is not from the perspective of having a child. It means qualities and demonstrations from this inner space of nutrition, protection, shelter, support and anchoring, sustainment. This energy of Gaia, Mother Earth, The Great Mother; can be shared and expressed in the most diverse ways: offering your time for a loving listening, increasing your ability to donate, exposing emotions and opening your heart, taken care of a garden, creating artistic expressions, sharing creative energies, nurturing a life purpose, a company, a project; cooking for people we love, offering a hug, holding shield - in serenity and love.

Whatever the time of your cycle allow yourself to experience all the strength the energy of fullness and the radiant presence of the Full Moon that since heaven blesses us with the power of creation, of the manifestation and opening of consciousness. When you ovulate receive and honor the Full Moon that shines within you: honor your holy womb, ovaries, eggs, mucus, breasts; honor the fertility overflowing in your mind, body and spirit and consciously use this wonderful potential to design, to create life.  To create your own life, to CoCreate your own reality and to express all the deeper purpose of your heart; in kindness and Union with you, and with the whole.

Pictures by Gus Benke . Translation by Ana Caldeira

By Morena Cardoso . Morena is a camiñante, a writer, herbalist, doula, dancer, body-psychotherapist, mother, and the heroine of her own journey. As a peregrine, she has walked around the globe for over 10 years, searching for sacred lands, for ancestral traditions, healing arts, and ancient wisdom of native communities- The result of this sacred study and self-observation is what Morena now offers to hundreds of women throughout the world, as DanzaMedicina.