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 Embodying the Feminine Rites of Passage.


In this experience, women are invited into a Shamanic Soul Retrieval- through  holotropic breathwork practice and drum journey, into the phases of her life: the birth, the child, the first menarche, the initiation into sexuality, the mother, and the crone. Secondly,  the dance as free, healing and organic movement is introduced, allowing women to express through their bodies whatever was previously accessed from their shamanic journey- entering in a space of sacredness, vulnerability and profound inner observation- Reawakening unconscious memories, releasing blocked emotions, healing wounds from the past and re-signifying, re-integrating their own life story throughout womanhood.

For this practice we’ll ideally have live musicians able to collaborate in an intuitive way for a collective experience. If not possible, a sound system would be needed. Two to three hour practice. 

Embodying the elemental cycle


In this experience, women will have an unique opportunity of understanding and integrating,  in an experiencial level, the wisdom and mysteries of the five elements while journeying throughout the feminine ancient wisdom. 

Women will be invited to dance with different patterns, frequencies and rhythms within the concept of body-psychotherapy by combining different healing techniques such as yoga, holotropic breathwork, bioenergetics and tantra. 

By experiencing different physical dynamics, women will have the opportunity of witnessing and knowing themselves deeper. In this process, emotional blockages are released, limiting believe systems are transformed, old patterns are shifted, and storage memories are raised into light; opening consciousness into new perspectives, new possibilities of being and authentic ways of expressing- in the most real, raw and wild essence- in their full potential, instinctive power and intuitive wisdom.

This experience is either a single three hour session or can be expanded into an experience of four 2h session, leaving each day to go in-depth into each element. Live musicians or a sound system are required.