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The DanzaMedicina Deepening Course is an annual immersion program divided into four modules and held at four different weekends, according to each new solstice and equinox, in the blessed lands of Santa Catarina, Brazil. This is going to be one of the few events DanzaMedicina will hold in Brazil in 2018 and the program aims at guiding the first steps towards professional training in the technique of body psychotherapy as explored in the frame of DanzaMedicina.

It comes as a Rite of Passage for the women who wish to follow a path of study, research, and self-knowledge guided by the ancestral wisdom of the Feminine, embracing their power as priestesses and healers of themselves. An effort that requires courage and truth to get deeply involved with our standards, limitations, beliefs and masks to allow us to emerge from a space of true power, authenticity and consciousness.


DanzaMedicina immersion retreats last 2-5 days and are held at sacred spots surrounded by abundant and inspiring nature, in different countries around the world. A journey of healing, empowerment, and reconnection through body psychotherapy and movement, shamanism, and rescue of the Feminine ancient knowledge.  


As a wanderer, I travelled the world for a decade in search for sacred places, ancient peoples, and native knowledge. A journey of a lonely pilgrim, driven by my curiosity, thirst for discovery, passion for adventure, and a deep desire to reconnect! Today, I'm very happy to bring other women along to walk the same paths I did, to share with you what I saw, what touched me, and what healed me, opening the eyes, the ears, and the heart to explore the treasures Pachamama and its magic peoples offer us. 


We deeply honor the festivals as an opportunity to serve, exchange, and unite. Thus, I created a DanzaMedicina special program to attend these gatherings. Every year, I support different festivals around the world, such as Happiness Fest (Mexico), Spirit Weavers Gathering (USA; see photos below), Medicinas da Mãe Terra (Brazil), Warmi Tinkuy Festival (Peru), among others.