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Deepening Course_ Brazil


The Deepening Course comes as a Sacred Healing Journey towards the Wild Feminine Essence - a metaphor for the dance of life in the form of movement. An embodiment of the timeless, instinctive and intuitive wisdom in this never ending cyclic spiral of growth and decay, building up and letting go, energy out and energy in; life, death and rebirth. 

DanzaMedicina gently take you by the hands and pare back your layers. It moves together with your emotions, feelings, memories, thoughts, believe systems and patherns; inviting you to dive into the depths of yourself. This is an invitation for you to dance with different facets of your being; reawakening the aspects of your womanhood that were lost, rejected, neglected, wounded or forgotten during your life journey- gathering together fragmented parts of your soul into a new sense of wholeness, fulfilment and authenticity.  We open this sacred space for holding your sacredness.

Take off your shoes, loosen up your clothes, untie your hair, lay down your masks, face your deepest fears, embrace your shadows and let go of victimization or justifications. Remember the power, the wisdom and the beauty that lay dormant within your womb.

Feel yourself flooded with the fertility of your Body, Mind and Spirit while creating your reality, while giving birth to your deepest purpose, while welcoming the best version of yourself!

sold out. please sign up below to be placed on our waiting list for 2019

... Feel, breathe, listen to your heart, and to the call to take part in this journey! Welcome! A one-way journey that can change who you are and how you exist in this world. 


The DanzaMedicina Deepening Course is an annual immersion program divided into four modules and held at four different weekends, according to each new solstice and equinox, in the blessed lands of Santa Catarina, Brazil. This is going to be one of the few events DanzaMedicina will hold in Brazil and the program aims at guiding the first steps towards professional training in the technique of body psychotherapy as explored in the frame of DanzaMedicina.

It comes as a Rite of Passage for the women who wish to follow a path of study, research, and self-knowledge guided by the ancestral wisdom of the Feminine, embracing their power as priestesses and healers of themselves. An effort that requires courage and truth to get deeply involved with our standards, limitations, beliefs and masks to allow us to emerge from a space of true power, authenticity and consciousness.



Morena_Pulsar (2).jpg

"... I’m here to serve, as I believe every woman has the potential to be the master of her own destiny, and to create her own reality based on her soul's deepest dreams and intentions. This is what I work for – to overcome our fears, free ourselves from our masks, and recover our space with authenticity and wisdom.  I work to help women share their gifts, and relearn to dance, pray, create, enjoy themselves, give birth, love, howl, and sing, even after being silenced so many times. I work to help them connect with their power, their life power, their intuition and their inner glow, helping them remember their ancestry as visionaries, healers, and priestesses that they are.   With the blessings of our Grandmother Moon and our Pachamama on all our relations. Aha Metakiase!" To know more about: Morena Cardoso


“The Deepening is a unique universe. It's as if it took place in another dimension. It's a safe place to just be.

By just being, you can be faithful to yourself. It means truth.

DanzaMedicina made all my body cells vibrate. It put me back on track and made me stop wandering aimlessly through life. DanzaMedicina produced some vibration that, first, felt odd and uncomfortable and made me want to run away. However, over time, I started realizing that this was my heart, my soul, my essence vibrating. It had always been there, but it was blurred, forgotten. It’s painful. Being faithful to the truth of your heart requires great courage and changes. (...) I saw. I lived. I walked, stumbled, fell, got up… And I want much more! The sentence that describes me in the end of this journey is: “endless possibilities"! I truly believe in this work. " Renata Labury


* Single module registration is not available. As this is a deepening course, we encourage you to take part in all modules from the beginning.  Check-in on Thursdays from noon (we recommend you arrive in Florianópolis until 3:30 p.m. to prevent delays to get to the inn due to the traffic)

Module 1: I AM. 

As Daughters of the Earth, women will be initiated on this journey from their base chakra- Strengthening their roots, getting grounded in presence into the here and now, embodying a new sense of self, individuation, security, abundance and consistency- strengthening their ability to walk on their own feet and to bring their visions into manifestation.

Through the blessings of Pachamama, women will be invited into reconnection with their inner rhythms, organic times and  the feminine instinctual powers, in a journey back home.

•    Shamanic drum journey: merging into the underworlds, meeting the animals of power;

•    Kundalini - Awakening the power of the serpent through dance practices, breathwork, primal meditation and bioenergetics;

•    The Moondala and the Spiritual path of Menstruation- Journey throughout the traditional Andean Medicine Wheel; learning how to reconnect the menstrual and the moon cycle. Reclaiming the ancient tradition of sacred blood offerings as healing and empowering tool;

•    Soul Retrieval into the phases of women's life- restoring the sense of self.

Module 2: I FEEL. 

In this experience, women will be guided in contact with their inner and outer waters; Awakening into the creative potential of their womb, navigating into their feelings, releasing their blocked emotions, entering in contact with their patterns concerned to sexuality, pleasure and relationship. An opportunity to experience a new sense of trust, empathy, transparency, surrender and fluidity- in relationships and different aspects of life.

•    Womb Blessing- transforming old memories and patterns- dance, guiding meditation;

•    The Tantric Massage and sensorial dance- awakening the bioenergetic potential of the body;

•    Art of Creativity- Exploring intuitive creative process through healing movement;

•    The Vulnerable and Alchemical Goddess - the feminine archetypes, their potentialities and limitations. 

•     Watsu/Rebirthing in the waters.

Module 3: I DO. 

A journey of empowerment through the fire element. Women will enter in contact with their dormant personal power, raising their capacity for action in the face of challenges, limitations and fears. The medicine of fire will bring them strength and courage to walk towards their highest purposes while embodying the powers of the masculine within- in form of clarity, linearity, discipline, integrity, focus and self-confidence: which are essential elements in the process of self-realization.

•    Becoming a heroine of your own journey- Dancing the Warrior Archetypes and Campbell's Hero's Journey';

•    Kali embodiment- anger as an agent of transformation of ancestral patterns and limiting beliefs;

•    Fire Ceremony- transmuting old patterns and limiting belief systems.

Module 4: I LOVE. 

Through the air element, women will remember the ways of praying, consciously rising their frequencies into connection with their highest divine self: Reawakening their intuitive potential, rediscovering their visionary power as women.

•    Experiencing breath as a vehicle for healing and spiritual journey;

•    Dance and quantum physics - The power of co-creation through free movement;

Moon Dance and Heart Oppening Ceremony. 


- By signing up to Deepening, you commit to attend all the 4 gatherings;

-  Single module registration is not available. As this is a deepening course, we encourage you to take part in all modules from the beginning.


Mevlana Garden - Inn, SPA and Retreat, located in Imbituba – SC. A sacred spot that offers strong, abundant, and wild nature (just like ourselves!).

Conheça: http://www.mevlanagarden.com.br/en/


“I realized that before Deepening I had been wasting my energy for many years trying to build a dream that wasn’t mine. I was trying to be someone I am not, surrounded by illusions of a complete lie compared to my true wild essence!   I sold my company shares, with respect and gratitude for all the learning that led me to where I am.  

 In DanzaMedicina, I learned, thanks to the power of the beautiful egregore formed by Morena and all the other sisters who were there, that I can co-create my own reality, day by day, now, much more calmly, lightly and confidently. 

I rescued the respect for my ancestry, I healed the wounds in my uterus that no longer suffers from cysts, myomas, cramps, and I don’t fight my PMS anymore!

It was the purest and most truthful rescue of my feminine essence, which I had forgotten during many years of pain and victim playing that now I know I no longer need. I honor the force of my masculine that pulsates strongly within my being, but I’m much more grateful for my feminine essence that knew how to embrace this masculine force.   Thank you, love. I love us!” -Julia Gontijo