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The visionary behind DanzaMedicina, Morena is a camiñante, a writer, activist, dancer, body-psychotherapist, mother, and the heroine of her own journey. As a pilgrim her path to self discovery began by walking barefoot on sacred lands, searching for ancestral traditions, healing arts, and ancient wisdom of native communities.

During her search, Morena practiced yoga on the banks of the Ganges, was a Vipassana initiate in France, meditated in the high Himalayan mountains in Nepal, received blessings from Andean medicine women in Peru and curanderas in the Amazon Forest, made daily offerings with Balinese women in Indonesia, was initiated into traditional Mexican midwifery, became a MoonDancer in the sacred land of Teotihuacan, learned the mysteries of Shamanism with her Romanian teacher in Eastern Europe. The result of this sacred study and self-observation is what Morena now offers to hundreds of women throughout the world, as DanzaMedicina.

As the founder of DanzaMedicina, Morena is an example of manifestation and achievement, taking this project to  over 40 workshops around the world in countries such as the United States, Mexico, Germany, Peru, and Romania, impacting over 1000 women in person, while online, DanzaMedicina has a community of over 80 thousand women.

As a Daughter of the Earth and mother of a eight years old boy, Morena spends most of her time as guardian of a sacred wild land in Brazil; still in pilgrimage, Morena leads DanzaMedicina Workshops around the globe, bringing her open eyes, heart, arms and will to share, to heal, to support, to connect; bringing her sacred artifacts, drums, traditional medicines, sacred songs, tales, mysteries, and the various expressions of the Divine and Wild Feminine Essence.










"I’m here to serve, as I believe every woman has the potential to be the master of her own destiny, and to create her own reality based on her soul's deepest dreams and intentions. This is what I work for – to overcome our fears, free ourselves from our masks, and recover our space with authenticity and wisdom.  I work to help women share their gifts, and relearn to dance, pray, create, enjoy themselves, give birth, love, howl, and sing, even after being silenced so many times. I work to help them connect with their power, their life power, their intuition and their inner glow, helping them remember their ancestry as visionaries, healers, and priestesses that they are.   May our Grandmother Moon and Pachamama bless all our relations. Aha Metakiase!" .

Morena Cardoso